London Fashion Week

Victoria Barker - Fine Jewellery
Victoria Barker - Fine Jewellery

We debuted our first collection during London Fashion Week at the Strand Palace Hotel, 16.09.11 with Fashion Mavericks.

Our stunning models smouldered their way down the catwalk, their wrists encased in our signature bulbous beaded cuffs, necks yielding to lavish Swavroski embellished collars and earlobes swishing with enticing earrings.

With the help of Kathryn Quatermaine (designer and stylist) we chose a selection of floor-length gowns, all thigh-high splits and swooshy skirts which we complimented with some beautiful lace bodies and jewel encrusted belts from Beyond Retro.

Our dramatic make-up looks were created by the amazing Ole Elias Reinholdtsen Høve and team at Beauty Base London and Hair was styled into gorgeous rolls by the talented Joanne Gilder and team at Innovation Hair. Thanks to everyone who came to support the show, you are all fantastic.

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