A Garden Amongst The Flames

Peacock Pearl Edition

I believe in the religion of Love, Whatever direction its caravans may take, For love is my religion and my faith.
From the Tarjumân al-Ashwâq by Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi

A Garden Amongst The Flames | Peacock Pearl Edition by Victoria Barker Fine Art Jewellery

The stunning & luxurious "A Garden Amongst The Flames" is fashioned from 18 carat gold adorned and peacock freshwater pearls.

This masterpiece jewel is inspired by the poem of the same name written by 12th century poet and philosopher Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi.

Within its verses we encounter a garden blooming amongst flames, a metaphor for love, passion and spirituality.

The poem is richly layered in meaning, likewise the "Garden" jewel is layered in symbolism.

The first layer, formed from 18 carat gold represents the start of our spiritual journey.

Next we find delicately intertwined branches composed of 18 carat rose and white gold. Influenced by the arabesque style of decorative foliage this layer is the garden itself, life and nature.

Our third layer contains over 120 freshwater pearls, hand chosen for their unsurpassable lustre. 

These matchless gems fan the flames of the heart which ignite love and passion.

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