Orbital | Naja Edition

Orbital | Naja Edition

Our glorious, wearable Naja Edition sculptures are generously laden with 18 carat yellow or white gold and encrusted with precious gems. Naja is Sanskrit for snake and our Naja Edition bracelet has a sinuous quality to it.  More flexible, and dare we say it more squeezable than it's cousin the Orbital bracelet it can be fashioned to fit the size of any wrist simply by adding or removing bejewelled segments.

Compact, yet with the satisfying weight you would expect from a Victoria Barker artwork, the Naja Orbital encircles your wrist with fine pearls, diamonds and sapphires.  We believe that fine jewellery should feel as good as it looks and we thoroughly enjoy giving the Naja a satisfying squeeze on the wrist and are convinced you will too. The medium size Naja is set with fifty round brilliant cut gemstones with a total carat weight of 5.07

White Gold, White Pearl & Diamonds

Our high-palladium 18 carat white gold Naja Orbital bracelet has a cool grey sheen which never fades. We use only the finest white pearls and pure white diamonds. To find out more about diamonds please read our guide. 

Yellow Gold, White Pearl & Diamonds

Truly a baroque orb if ever there was one. 18 carat, yellow gold nestles against fine, white pearls and round, brilliant cut diamonds.

When the slightly warmer colour, white diamonds harmonise with yellow gold, their excellent clarity reflects the light like no other gem.

Yellow Gold, Peacock Pearl & Purple Sapphire

Rubies are red, sapphires are blue and sometimes they are purple too. The purple sapphires in this edition of our Naja Orbital bracelet bring out the mauve and lilac tones in the peacock pearls, a delight to the eyes.

White Gold, Peacock Pearl & Purple Sapphire

We only use high-palladium white gold to ensure our Naja Orbital bracelet always keeps it's wonderfully cool tones. 

Palladium, one of the rarest precious metals is related to platinum. Palladium is added to gold to transform it from yellow to white.

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