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A bold geometric shape embossed with our signature motif.

For him, her or them, a design that transverses gender.

Our signet rings are cast complete and whole from assay-grade precious metal.

Made to order in your size, we subtly adjust all the proportions to ensure the ring is perfectly balanced.

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Creole Hoops + Pearl Drops

Our signature hoops are the ideal starting point on your jewellery journey. Each pair is carefully designed to balance size, shape and weight, ensuring everyday comfort and style.

Some say the journey is more important than the destination, so continue yours by choosing from our beautiful add-on elements.

You can mix and match complimentary add-on’s from our collection of what we call fine additions, which include simple drops and ornate dangles.

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Creole Hoops + Filigree Drops

Our exquisitely made Creole hoops are a classic wardrobe essential, so you can dress them up or dress them down.

Our filigree drops are a fine addition, which can be easily attached to give your look a luxe update. Simply slide the drops onto the hoops to create a pair of statement earrings.

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Three Quarter Hoops

Our minimalist, everyday hoops feature our signature motif.

A classic wardrobe essential, both pairs of hoops can be made to order in your choice of size.

Only one question remains - how will you style yours?

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Deco Cocktail Ring

Our Deco Cocktail Ring is a colourful and playful addition to your jewellery collection.

Sleek geometric lines meet curving forms and smooth, polished surfaces.

The octagonal centre stone is known as an 'emerald cut' and is complemented by smaller rectangular stones called baguettes.

You can order this ring with either a madeira citrine or dark amethyst centre stone; both are accompanied by a row of diamond baguettes on each side.

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Force of Nature Ring

“The force that drives the water through the rocks / Drives my red blood” - Dylan Thomas

The force of the river cuts a path into the earth with its meandering journey slicing its way through the softest sand and the hardest rock.

The force of nature is in all of us; for him, her or anyone, a design which trancends gender.

Sculpted in a variety of widths, from delicate to substantial.

Ideal commitment rings for the modern partnership.

Any size can be ordered in any width, so why not order two or three different widths and create your own effortlessly stylish stack?

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Shroom Studs + Diamond Halos

Mushrooms are traditionally associated with nature and the multifaceted beauty of the forest.

Our embossed Shroom Studs are designed to slot into a selection of jackets from our collection of Fine Additions.

This combination includes one pair of 18 carat gold studs and one accompanying pair of diamond halo jackets, for a total carat weight 1:00ct.

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Shroom Studs + Filigree Drops

Our mushroom-inspired stud earrings can be attached to more than one fine addition.

This combination includes one pair of embossed studs and one accompanying pair of filigree drops.

Wear your studs on their own for understated charm, or simply slot them into the drops to give your earrings a luxe-update.

For a more informal kind of glamour, why not wear them mismatched?

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Topography Torque

A classic torque bangle decorated in our signature motif.

Topography is the study of the shape and features of land surfaces, including rivers, hills and valleys.

Designed for comfort and everyday glamour.

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