Halo | Gold Edition

Halo | Gold Edition

Our Halo necklaces are inspired by France's foremost Art Nouveau jewellery designer René Lalique. Not only do the sinuous, undulating lines of Art Nouveau jewellery distinguish it from earlier styles, so do the provocative combinations of materials. Lalique himself dared to set glass into gold, we admire his creativity and imagination.

We have experimented with 21st century materials and techniques to create a sinuous, flexible necklace which drapes to the contours of your body, encircling your neck like the rings of a planet. Saturn has been called the jewel of our solar system; it is adorned with thousands of beautiful ringlets sparkling against the blackness of space. 

Our flexible rings are created from micro sculptures designed solely by Victoria Barker Fine Art Jewellery. Each tiny sculpture is then threaded with 18 carat gold chain and hundreds of Swarovski crystal beads to create a continuous loop. 

We complete our Halo with two finely sculpted 18 carat gold cones, decorative extension chains and a removable clasp, set with an onyx, amethyst or blue topaz gemstone.


18 carat yellow gold, a round black onyx gemstone and jet black Swarovski crystal.  There is something about pairing black with gold that will forever remain a classic combination. 


18 carat yellow gold, a round amethyst gemstone and purple amethyst Swarovski crystal.

This piece channels its Byzantine look by placing such deep purples against warm gold.


18 carat yellow gold, a round blue topaz gemstone and sapphire blue Swarovski crystal.  Is the Halo necklace demure or rock 'n roll?  Style it your way for it is endlessly adaptable and always couture.

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