What is CAD?

Computer aided design (CAD) has now become an industry standard tool for creating bespoke pieces of work as part of the approval process. JewelWorx London uses Autodesk, the industry leading design software, to create work that meets your customer specifications.
These designs can be produced around a stone that you have sold or are selling or based on remodelling an old piece of jewellery.  We “render” a photographic and photorealistic image of your design, showing 3 angles, plan, side elevation and an angled view such as a brochure photo. These will then be emailed to you for further discussion and sign off.

A CAD Model is a digital construction model, it is formed from 1,000's sometimes 100's of 1,000's of curves, triangles and planes that mesh together to create the complex shapes that eventually become the final piece. Measurements and tolerances are extremely fine, as precise as 1000th of a millimetre.

This digital model is then sent to a high resolution 3D printer with the same tolerances and printed to a resin model which you can handle or wear thus ensuring the final item is exactly what you are looking for, all before we commit to metal.

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