Findings, Mounts and Components

We are happy to be able to offer a very wide range of findings from a number of very competitive suppliers that we have sourced and built up over many years. These findings can be sourced in a variety of precious, and sometimes difficult to obtained non precious metals and colours. Also platinum and palladium findings and wedding bands, all hallmarked to the correct standard.

Over the course of the last fifteen years we have been ordering findings from many different suppliers in large quantities. Clearly we have honed those suppliers to just a few in more recent years but concentrating our spending amongst a few select suppliers allows us to get superior quality and range at the best prices in the market.

It is these good relationships and buying power that allows us to pass on to our customer base, the best quality, quickest and most cost effective supply in the UK. Our ability to pick the right finding for each individual job saves you time and effort. Whilst we are happy to work with our customer own findings, very often the components sent to us are not quite right in term of fit or size and then costly delays follow.

Obviously any findings that we supply are covered by our guarantee of both quality and security. Once again our proximity to suppliers often mean that we can supply and fit a finding or component well before our competitors have placed a “blind” telephone order or made the once per week trip to buy their materials. It makes clear sense for us to supply and fit findings and components.

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