Costume Jewellery Repairs

Please note, Costume Jewellery creates its own challenges, this is mainly due to the fact that is not made to the same standards as fine or demi fine items, this extends to the materials used and the method’s of assembly. Simply put, a lot of these items were never designed to be reworked or repaired.

The gemstones used can be extremely difficult to source, are often glued or cemented into place rather than set correctly, which can make applying heat to the surrounding area difficult and risks the stones being damaged.

The metals used, often zinc alloys were never designed to be re-worked and can be more labour intensive to work with than precious metals such as gold or platinum. Plating can need to be removed before remedial work is carried out, which is labour intensive and can then require the piece to be re-plated.

Unfortunately and as a consequence of the above, the cost of repairs and renovations to many these items can far outweigh the cost of the items original purchase price.

That all said, we understand that a piece can have an emotional value and are happy to quote but please be aware of the above.

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