Renew, Restore, Restyle

Quite often clients inherit jewellery. something that is looking tired, worn and outdated, Perhaps mum and dad’s wedding rings, an old favourite chain, a battered old ring.

We can upcycle your metal and the stones can be re-set into a new heirloom.

Our award winning designer can help you transform an old piece and turn it into a piece of fine jewellery that you will enjoy for years to come.

We can remodel an existing piece of jewellery, or use a collection of old or broken jewellery to create something completely new. We specialise in bespoke design and can work with you to design something that you will love from the pieces that you no longer wear.

Many precious metals and most gemstones are valuable and reusable. We will discuss the type of piece that you would like to create to suit your taste and requirements. Once the design phase is complete, we will handcraft the piece for you.

Please note that not all heirloom jewellery and stones can be reused or reset due to wear or damage, We are happy to inspect your pieces in person and let you know what is possible. 

We are happy to advise on this kind of memorial work. We consider it a privilege and we guarantee to work with empathy & the utmost care.

Services include

We are pleased to be able to offer high quality restoration work including claw replacements, new setting edges, restoring galleries, new quarter/half shanks or full. 

Based in Central London, our highly skilled craftsmen sympathetically restore old and delicate pieces of jewellery to their near genuine condition, understanding the strong sentimental value attached to these pieces and the importance of retaining the original look.
Our jewellers have a full array of modern technology available to them such as laser welder or PAK welder, as well as traditional hand tools and can offer practical and professional advice on the viability of the restoration.

Working with unusual pieces of jewellery is one of our specialities, we have a stone cutting and polishing service to remove scratches and revitalise worn sapphires, rubies and emeralds and can set and finish all types of coloured stones.

General repairs & alterations
Ring sizing, chain re-join, claw work
New full half and quarter shanks
Stone supply/replacement and setting
Diamond milling
Full polishing, rhodium & hard gold plating
Laser welding and repairs
Pearl and bead restringing
On-line estimates with hard copy versions
Assay and hallmark service
Diamond appraisal and certificate service

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